Thursday, November 1, 2007


I'm exhausted.

Around this time every quarter, I am feeling completely depleted. It's the end of week 6, so I only have 4 more weeks of class left (not including finals week). My class is not all that demanding, and I have enjoyed it so far. The class focuses on Eco-Poetics, which basically means we're studying different types of nature poems. My professor even had us each write a nature poem. I am not good at writing poetry on command - I usually wait until I'm inspired. But here's what I wrote:

The Center of the Tree

The tree stands solidly,
almost alone,
its center carved out and empty.
No one knows
about this hollow place.

The tree tells a story
about a door
to a garden
of forgotten mythos.

The life beyond this door
once sparkled,
untainted and unrequited.

And fires and wars and genocide
swept across the land.
And the center became
Time trickled on,

So there it is, my poem-on-command. I'm not sure how to feel about it. I haven't had enough time to make up my mind. I don't think it's total crap, but I also am not sure exactly what I was trying to say. I have glimmers, but for the most part I just pounded it out.

Soon I'm going to have to begin my final paper, which always takes a lot out of me. I'm going to be writing on Ted Hughes' Crow, which is one of my favorite collections of poetry ever. I always jump at the chance to write on a new topic or literary work instead of trying to revise an old paper.

Also, I started rereading the series on which I'm writing my thesis, which is Neil Gaiman's The Sandman. I finished the first book and made a ton of notes in the process. Now I'm on the second book. I plan to have all 11 of them finished before school starts up again in January, because I'm going to take Thesis Planning.

I truly love being a student, but I am really burned out at this point. However, I'm pressing on because I am so close to being done. Wish me luck.


Discombobulated said...

I really liked the poem.
I dont know if you had 100 years of solitude in mind when you wrote, or maybe because I am reading it, it is on my mind, but it was reminiscent, to me, of Marquez's storytelling.

I love the contrasting imagery.

WeezerMonkey said...

Wow! I'm no good at poetry myself, but I do appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

I liked the poem. Good luck on your thesis! You'll do a good job. :)