Sunday, November 4, 2007

101 in 1001

I got this idea from the wonderful Jessica Claire blog. This is a list of 101 things I'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days. I have made a ton of lists in my life, but never one like this. I think it's a pretty good list, and I have until roughly the end of September 2010 to complete it.

1) Obtain a decent SLR camera and learn to use it.
2) Learn Photoshop.
3) Write my thesis.
4) Go to Europe.
5) Work on my extremely long (work in progress) poem.
6) Attempt a vegetarian lifestyle.
7) Get and stay in shape.
8) Change my name.
9) Type up all the poems that I have marked in different poetry collections.
10) Buy a scanner.
11) Scan in all my old photos.
12) Type up all my journals.
13) Make an emergency kit in case of earthquakes, etc.
14) Begin submitting my poetry for publication again.
15) Learn the Tarot.
16) Read my unread books.
17) Part with the books that no longer interest me.
18) Take a painting class.
19) Take a photography class.
20) Go to NYC.
21) Go to a concert (it's been entirely too long).
22) Visit my friend Laci, who I haven't seen in about 10 years.
23) Learn Latin.
24) Listen to every single song on my iPod without skipping any.
25) Pay off current amount of credit card debt.
26) Move away from Southern California.
27) Visit my brother in Minneapolis.
28) Go to the San Diego Zoo.
29) Research the job and housing markets in Oregon.
30) Use the current amount of Post-its I have collected.
31) Sell my leftover wedding stuff.
32) Fill up all the blank journals I have.
33) Get Roy to learn woodworking.
34) Get a job in the publishing field.
35) Work on organizing photos into albums.
36) Buy a fireproof safe and put all important items in it.
37) Buy an external hard drive and back up computers every week.
38) Get a new battery for my iPod.
39) Read something incredibly difficult for fun.
40) Learn to meditate.
41) Write poems for all the ideas I have written down.
42) Frame the painting that's in the closet.
43) Move into a house.
44) Get a dog.
45) Figure out our decorating style.
46) Buy a better desk.
47) Get rid of my bridal magazines.
48) Finish thank you notes for wedding presents.
49) Get my car detailed.
50) Put together a professional looking wardrobe.
51) Write a short story.
52) Report our videographer to the BBB.
53) Get Roy a new car.
54) Use our voucher to take a dance class.
55) Take a parenting class.
56) Use the FAM birth control method to its full potential.
57) Take a cooking class.
58) Go to 5 museums I haven't been to before.
59) Give a monetary donation to a charity that I support.
60) Volunteer.
61) Become informed about the Presidential candidates.
62) Write a blog post about my experiences with and beliefs about religion.
63) Graduate with my MA.
64) Diagram an extremely long sentence.
65) Use all my decorative cutout pictures to make something amazing.
66) Fill in my new address book.
67) Learn to be a better listener.
68) Get Roy to learn first aid and CPR.
69) Celebrate my 30th birthday with gusto.
70) Learn how to put air in my tires.
71) Go on a road trip.
72) Try some kind of food item that truly scares me.
73) Read all my unread magazines.
74) Break my Us Weekly addiction.
75) Read Nietzsche.
76) Shut down my Vonage account.
77) Get the Twin Peaks DVD box set.
78) Work on my guilt complex.
79) Finish my Daily Tao meditations book.
80) Organize my bookmarked favorites on my computer.
81) Give food (not money) to a homeless person.
82) Buy a laptop.
83) Put aside money that we don't touch.
84) Work on writing down my memories.
85) Drink more water consistently.
86) Go to Yosemite.
87) Go to San Francisco.
88) Go to the Grand Canyon.
89) Finish off our wedding registries.
90) Reread the Little House books.
91) Buy an entertainment center.
92) Learn how to play chess really well.
93) Organize nonfiction books by subject matter.
94) Make a master list of all special days, including others' birthdays.
95) Get in the habit of sending cards or making phone calls for special days.
96) Get my mom connected to the Internet.
97) Make wedding albums as gifts for family members.
98) Close credit card accounts once paid off.
99) Buy a shoe rack for Roy.
100) Get a facial.
101) Always make my marriage my top priority.

So there it is, my list of goals. I'm going to try to post updates about this list every so often.

Anyone else want to join in on the list-making, goal-oriented action? You know you want to!


Fabulously Broke in the City said...


101 things in 101 days!?

I made a list of 25 things that I'm slowly crossin' off.. LOL 101 is a bit overwhelming for me, but kudos to you for takin' it on!

Fabulously Broke in the City said...

Oh, and they're silly things like reading a newspaper front to back :P

Discombobulated said...

this awesome...let's see if I have the guts to give it a shot.
Definitely want to read Nietzsche as well.

Nanette said...

Nice list! I don't know if I could make a list like that and stick with it. ;)

Anonymous said...

That's awesome. I may try that too. Good luck!


kat said...

What a fun list!!! I started reading and it's funny to see how some things that others want to do are some things that I can already do - and I'm sure it would be like that for others reading my (non-existent) list. I think I might want to make a list like that starting in January (my next two months are so booked with other obligations).

Lesli said...

I love your list. I am a huge fan and maker of lists. This is one of the best ones ever!