Saturday, November 24, 2007

800 Miles of Key Lime Pie

Watching Gilmore Girls tonight reminded me of a road trip Roy and I took to Texas back in September 2005. My friend was getting married, and we decided to drive out instead of fly. (I'm a sucker for road trips.) On our way out, we stopped and stayed the night at a hotel in El Paso. The next morning, we found Village Inn (to my great delight). It is basically a diner, but the food has always been good, and it sadly doesn't exist in California. It made my heart so happy to eat at one after so many years of being denied the greatness that is Village Inn. We ate breakfast there and had pie for dessert. Key lime pie, to be exact. It was the best pie I'd ever eaten.

Being the obsessive freak I am, we stopped at Village Inn on our drive back to California. This time we bought a whole key lime pie and stored it in our ice chest. Every couple of hundred miles we would bust out the pie and have a feast of lime goodness. Whoever wasn't driving would feed the driver. It was so much fun. And for some reason, I had completely forgotten about that aspect of our road trip.

Of course, now that I've remembered, all I can think about is key lime pie. I suppose there are worse things to think about. And I just love how random memories pop into my head at any given moment. It is yet another thing that I'm thankful for.


WeezerMonkey said...

I love this post.
I also love key lime pie.
But that's not really why I love this post.

Discombobulated said...

Key lime pie reminds me of "Natural Born Killers."

Lesli said...

Village Inn. Oh, my gosh that brings back memories. We have them back home in Des Moines, but they don't seem to exist in Minneapolis. I used to spend many, many nights there with my best friend, Debbie. I always had the hash browns. Perkins just doesn't compare!

amber said...

okay, what a cute and sweet (literally and figuratively) story :)