Sunday, November 11, 2007

Breaking News!

Our thank you cards are all done! Well, for the most part. I still need to buy postage for about 30 of them. This was a huge chore, and I am so glad that it's out of the way. Of course, I am totally grateful for all of our wedding presents. But I'm also grateful that these puppies are done. Hellz yeah!

Here's the wedding crap that's left:

1) Get album from photographer.
2) Sell leftover wedding stuff.
3) Report videographer to BBB.
4) Figure out what to do with sentimental wedding stuff.
5) Get dress cleaned.

It's amazing how the wedding isn't over even after the wedding's over.


amber said...

it does tend to drag on for awhile, doesn't it?

and oh no with the videographer. i don't know the situation, but i hope you were able to get some sort of final resolution to the situation :(

WeezerMonkey said...

Congrats on the TY cards!

Anonymous said...

Crap I have to say thank you? I need to get those done too :/ Once again, you are the better bride.

Hose Beast

Claire said...

TY cards are a huge PITA -- congrats on finishing!

And you're right... Just when you think the wedding stuff is over, you realize there are several more dozen WR errands that need to be done. And sadly, none of them are as fun as the stuff you did before the wedding...

kat said...

We got married nearly 4.5 years ago and I *still* have stuff to sell. I guess I need to get off my butt already and do that. And put our photos in albums...guess I should do that too. How embarrassing.

Discombobulated said...

ugh. I was just thinking about that today, after standing for about 3 hours in front of the photo machine at Target, printing out all the pictures.

Now I get to spend the evening putting them in albums.

I still need to do TY cards. ugh.

Kim Photography said...

TY cards are a PITA. Congrats on being done with those.

Send your dress to wedclean, yo.