Friday, November 9, 2007

Random Recap Friday!

Since I don't really do daily recaps, except if something strikes me as being really interesting, I thought I'd do this every so often instead.

1) My current favorite song is "I'm Not Going to Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You" by Black Kids. You can listen to it (and even download it) here. It's awesome. I have dooce to thank for hearing about them.

2) I heard of etsy several years ago, but only recently have I discovered the joys contained within. This will be our next artsy purchase, which can be found here:

3) I had 2 phone interviews last Friday for my desired job. (Personally, I think it was stupid to interview me over the phone since I'm internal. But whatever.) HR called me on Wednesday to let me know that they are very interested in interviewing me face to face. This is great news! This job is a great opportunity for me financially and experience-wise. The interview will be on Monday and will last for about 4 (!) hours. People in my office seem to think that it's a done deal. I, however, am still not getting my hopes up.

4) I finished the collage I'd been working on for my office. I need to figure out what to do about the border, but it is otherwise done. I did the entire thing at work in a month's time. I could probably have done it in a day, but I didn't want to tip my managers off too much about my lack of work (because then they would give me tons of filing to do, and let's face it - I don't want to do filing). Anyway, here it is, in all its glory:

(It looks better in person.)

5) I am on the third book of the Sandman series, which is my thesis topic. I have started a blog post about the first one but haven't finished it yet. Stay tuned, all you nerdy types!

6) My favorite newly discovered blogs of the week are Uncommon Depth (from which I learned the existence of a town called Leslieville, which validates me in ways I can't even begin to explain), Love Letters to Little Bear, Mihow, and Joe's NYC. Check 'em out!

7) It seems that many pregnancy or infertility blogs are titled "Maybe Baby" or something similar.

8) I am doing okay with my dietary changes. Lately, I have been eating a lot of candy and sugar because of Halloween. However, I could easily not eat it if I set my mind to it. The problem is, I want to eat it. So therein lies the problem. (To me, it's not that big of a deal. It's the holiday season, and sugar consumption is par for the course.) However, I am doing well with my caffeine intake and it has been about 3 weeks since I've had any red meat. I've also switched to soy milk with my cereal. All good things.

9) Roy got his new driver's license in the mail.

10) Radiohead's newest album rocks.


WeezerMonkey said...

I switched to soy (in my coffee) recently!

Nanette said...

I really like this stuff called almond milk (Almond Breeze is the brand) in my cereal. I think it's only 40 calories a cup for the unsweetened versions, but they're soooo good!

Discombobulated said...

The job sounds promising! I am sending good vibes your way, I really hope you get it.

The collage is awesome!

Good job with the dietary changes, it is hard to do anything drastic, baby steps are key.

amber said...

the holiday season is totally synonymous with sugar consumption. meh. it's only for 3 months or so. i say it's all good.

Anonymous said...

Yay on the job, good luck! Love the collage!!

Hose Beast again.

joeclark said...

Keeping in mind that Leslieville is merely my neighbourhood in Toronto.