Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Nothing but UGH.

Today hasn't really been a great day. Aside from the fact that my face is breaking out, there are 3 major things in the works that could be going better.

1) My videographer issue. Things have not improved since my last detailed post on this matter. I did end up sending the threatening "I'm-going-to-report-you-to-the-BBB" email and giving him until Friday, October 19 to get us our footage. We still had not received the footage by that day. Roy called (he had to call from different numbers to get the videographer to pick up the phone) to see what the deal was, and he was told that the footage had been mailed. Of course, he wasn't given a tracking number. We still haven't received our footage, and frankly, even with all the fires and road closures, it should be here by now. I am pissed beyond belief because I feel like this guy has completely taken advantage of us. He doesn't respond to emails anymore, and as of today, he's not responding to calls. We will take him to small claims court if we have to. We don't want to, but we will. I would much rather this whole thing just be over, but I refuse to let this liar get away with this.

2) Changing my name. I went to the Social Security office today with our marriage certificate and the certified copy of Roy's name change document, fully prepared to start the process of changing my own name. Turns out that I can't change my name that way since Roy's old last name is on our marriage certificate. Now I have to see if we can get our marriage certificate amended. If not, I'll have to change my name through the courts like Roy did, which will cost us about $400. What sucks is that I saw this coming and urged Roy to get started on his name changing process way before the wedding. Much as I love him, my hubs is a huge procrastinator, and it drives me up the effing wall sometimes. But the past is the past, and there is nothing we can do about this now but roll with it, even if it ends up costing us another $400.

3) My potential new job. Today my HR contact was supposed to meet with the hiring committee to review my resume with them. She was supposed to provide me with an update afterwards. But apparently they didn't get to meet today, so I'm no closer to knowing if the job is mine. Hopefully there will be news tomorrow.

So that's my day. I am so looking forward to not having class tonight (although I hate the reason for it), going home, and watching Supernatural and One Tree Hill, my latest acquisitions from Netflix.


WeezerMonkey said...

Ahh! I, too, am a Supernatural fan! I don't know anyone else who is! Now I have you! :)

It's funny. It seems that EVERYBODY is looking for a new job!

Keep me updated on the videographer front....

Kim Photography said...

That all blows, dude. I am sorry.

Discombobulated said...

Damn! The videographer issue still is not worked out! I think it's time to let me, and the homies, take care of it.