Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Me, Vegan?

I'm still in the midst of the aforementioned Skinny Bitch. Wow, was I ever clueless and uneducated about how animals in slaughterhouses are treated, not to mention the amount of crap that makes its way into our food. Methinks it's time to cut out some things for good, namely red meat, chicken, pork, fish, eggs, and dairy. Oh, and my personal favorite, sugar.

I am a rabid consumer of all of the above, so the trick to doing this is to cut one thing out at a time. I'm starting with red meat. No more red meat after this weekend. Then I'll move on to another one of the vices. This is going to be so hard because I'm going to have to learn about a whole new way of eating. I'm just used to grabbing whatever, but now I'm really going to have to think about it. I just keep repeating to myself, "Using my brain and good sense is fun!"

Who would've thunk that a meat-and-potatoes Texas transplant would be facing this dilemma? You could call it irony, but you'd be wrong.


Discombobulated said...

kudos to you for making good choices, for your health.
take it slow, you dont want to change too much at once, you could get sick.
red meat is probably the best to cut out, way too much fat!

little miss ashleigh said...

about 5 years ago, i gave up red meat...and Im not gonna lie the first month was hard...really hard...but after that I stopped craving it..and now its not hard to avoid. I dont even want it...every now and then my fiance will have a "wonderful steak" so occasionally I take a tiny little bite...and I dont even like how it tastes very much...

so, what I have to say is take it a day at a gets easier.