Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Desk

People's objects always amaze me. Last night Roy and I were at Mandy and Paul's, and I realized how much I just love looking at other people's things. I don't need to see people's secret things, because their everyday objects tell enough about them. So, I thought I'd write about what's on top of my desk at the moment just because I feel like it. It could be interesting.

My desk objects:

1) LCD monitor
2) empty check box with order forms for more checks inside
3) a tin that once contained a Fossil watch that is now holding a glue stick, a small green pad of Post-its, 2 paper clips, some business cards from various art museums, a small gold paper box that is holding a silver necklace my dad bought for me, and some rubber thing
4) 4 random post-its with notes on them stuck to the bottom of my monitor
5) bright yellow pad of Post-its (standard size)
6) Casio calculator that I have had for years
7) green Padrino pen that is still in the box
8) pad of heart-shaped Post-its that Roy bought for me on our second monthiversary
9) my cell phone
10) glass boot that holds about 10 pens, a highlighter, a permanent marker, and a pair of scissors - I got the boot at my dance team banquet at the end of my senior year of high school.
11) wooden box that opens to reveal a bunch of tabs - I use it to hold bills and stamps, and it was a birthday present from my mom when I turned 22.
12) almost empty roll of brown packing tape
13) big pad of yellow Post-its that features a welcoming doorstep along one side
14) burned Regina Spektor CD
15) pair of blue-handled scissors that I have probably had since junior high
16) mini-card with a heart on the outside of it
17) black Swingline stapler
18) silver desk lamp
19) glass bottle with butterflies painted on it - there was an artist who used to frequent the first restaurant that I waited tables at. She made me the bottle as a gift.
20) various documents: 2 copies of our wedding day itinerary (with directions printed on the back), a piece of correspondence from Direct Loans (student loans), some notes I made about the settings on my email account, a new Visa card that I have yet to activate, notes from Symantec on my email account, a magazine article on San Antonio de Padua, a hard copy of all the email addresses in my address book, notes on cameras I want and websites to look at
21) copy of Esopus magazine
22) pad of paper with notes about blogs on it
23) blue Pilot pen, my favorite pen of them all

There it is - more than anyone ever wanted to know about my desk!


WeezerMonkey said...

Pilot pens are my fave, too!

Discombobulated said...

I love all the post-its.