Saturday, October 27, 2007

Art, Lies, and Truth

I found this really cool website that sells little known prints for a reasonable price. I am stoked! I love the well-known masters, but I also love art that gets very little exposure. Of course, it has to be good for me to love it (even the masters).

Here's the first print we're going to buy (by Kelly Shimoda):

I love it! It's both dark and whimsical, the combination of which is probably pretty hard to pull off.

While I'm sharing, here are a couple of prints that we already own. The first is by Paul Biddle, and the second is by David Hockney.

While I'm on the subject of art, there is a Salvador Dali exhibit at LACMA until January, and I absolutely cannot wait to go see it.

Long live art, the lies it tells, and the truths it reveals!


WeezerMonkey said...

Eee! I spy a Doraemon balloon!

Discombobulated said...

Awesome! Definitely have to check out that website.