Friday, October 19, 2007

Dear Wedding Nonsense,

When will you be over?

Here's what's left:

1) Finish my thank you cards. It was so much more fun opening the gifts.

2) Put my extra stuff up for sale, which isn't as simple as it looks.

3) Pick out my album pictures, which is proving to be very challenging.

4) Do all the name-changing stuff.

5) Figure out what to do with the sentimental wedding stuff (garter, etc).

6) Get dress cleaned.

7) Kill our videographer. He only answers our phone calls now if we call him from a number we haven't used before. So if I ask if I can use your phone, that's why.

8) Figure out what to spend gift cards and cash on. This kind of makes up for the videographer.

9) Talk trash about our videographer to everyone I meet.


Nanette said...

I *still* have a ton of name-changing stuff to do. Booo!

WeezerMonkey said...

Fcking videographer. Boo!

Kim Photography said...

Your videographer is a douche secretion.

Discombobulated said...

so sorry about your videographer, G, I take it you still have not got the video yet.
I still have to do #1-6 as well.

Anonymous said...

Aside from your videographer stuff, I'm right with you. You Videographer is an ass.