Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Discoveries

-I saw this awesome license plate on my lunch break.

-I finally figured out what to do about my name change issue. I found out today that the state will definitely not amend our marriage license to reflect Roy's name change, which means that in order to change my name, I will have to go through the courts. This will cost us around $400, but to be perfectly honest, I am happy to pay it if that's what it takes. You'd think I'd be upset about this, but no, I'm just relieved to finally have a definitive answer and to know what to do. I guess it's a good thing that I put off requesting the amendment, being as it wouldn't have done us any good anyway.

I would also like to say something that I will probably never say again, so take note: I am actually grateful that I work in a legal office, because if it wasn't for some of my co-workers doing some digging on this issue, I never would have known for sure what to do. Also, based on this experience, I would also like to say that County employees are generally useless. I don't blame them entirely; it's the bureaucracy that causes all the miscommunication and ignorance.

And lastly, those of you who are getting married and wanting to both change your names, please have your future husband change his name before you pick up your marriage license. Honestly, it would have saved us so much time, money, and sanity had we done it this way. That was our original plan, but someone *coughRoycough* decided to wait until a month before our wedding to file for his name change (and to be fair to my long-suffering husband, the County employee he spoke to did say that everything would be fine if his name change went through after our wedding). Try to give it at least a couple of months for the whole process to be completed, because it takes awhile.

-I often check out the organized collection photo pool, and today this photo in particular made me happy.

-I have finally figured out how to control the temperature in my office. Last week, I was freezing, so I covered up my A/C vent (which is right over my chair) with a piece of cardboard. Yesterday afternoon, though, the heat coming in through my window was sweltering. So today I cut a small rectangle in the cardboard, and now I have controlled A/C. Yay. It's the little things, right?


Discombobulated said...

Tha picture definitely brings me happiness.

County employees are completely useless, especially me :) No, I completely empathize with how frustrated you would be with the canned answers and inability to take any action. I filed my name change with HR weeks after the wedding, and my checks are still in my maiden name. Ugh.

Lydia said...

I love that license plate!

Good luck with the name change thing. I got married 5 years ago and changed my name to my husband's. I still have some unfinished name change business to deal with that I'll handle one day. ugh. I kinda like that I have an alias though! It makes me more mysterious!

ssinca said...

what a PITA to change everything! glad to hear it's coming along though...and I puffy heart that license plate.

alyssa said...

The whole name change thing is totally complicated w/out the husband changing his name too! You're very right...it definitely is the little things in life though :)

Claire said...

I love that image of your customized office A/C!

jake said...

That plate is all Cali. I've ordered mine today that says "lmfao."