Friday, June 13, 2008

Double Exposure #7

Yay, it's Friday! I've been meaning to write; I have so much to say. But for now, here's the two blogs of the week that I want to share.

1) Matt, Liz, and Madeline chronicles the lives of a family unexpectedly ripped apart when Liz (the mother) died of a pulmonary embolism 27 hours after giving birth to her daughter Madeline. Written by Matt (Liz's husband and Madeline's father), this blog is one of the most powerful I have come across in quite some time.

2) What happens when you take Garfield out of the picture? You get Garfield minus Garfield...and a very disturbed Jon Arbuckle.

Happy Friday, everyone! I'll be gone this weekend but have a couple of posts scheduled for tomorrow. I still need to finish blogging about last weekend and will try to get to that tonight.


Mz Brandy said...

Where in the world do you find these zany blogs? HA! I love the Garfield one. Poor Jon. He's never going to win.

I'll have to read the other blog soon. Just not today. So far I've gone more than 3 hrs w/out crying. It's a miracle!

Erika said...

^ Ditto to what she said.

I'm trying to recover after reading one about how she lost her 5 yr old daughter.

Really puts life into perspective.

sherthebear said...

I've be following Matt's blog. He really is an amazing person. Madeline is just adorable. Their story makes me so sad.

amber said...

i've got matt's blog on my GR. it's a struggle to get through some of the posts, but i always leave thinking of how lucky his daughter his to have him as her daddy.