Friday, June 13, 2008

Beans, Beans, the magical fruit

Today was my friend and co-worker Beans' last day of work. He got a job up in San Jose making a ton more money. I know that this is a wonderful opportunity for him, especially because he loves Northern California. Many, many people will miss him, because he is a wonderful guy to work with. He is also the coolest attorney I've ever met. Naturally, we couldn't let him leave without saying good-bye.

Last night we all went out to a local martini bar and had a few drinks. I ordered some nasty nachos. Beans got a horse figurine as a gift from our friend Kathleen (my Southern soul sister). (The third picture is of me, Jessica, and Beans. It looks like I just jumped in the picture to screw it up, which may or may not have happened.)

Today Beans, Kathleen, and I went out to this cool BBQ place for lunch and had some of the best BBQ I've ever had. There was some pretty cool artwork on the walls.

Then we had a pie party, complete with six kinds of pie, back at work. We took many photos. Beans and I enjoyed acting like we were pregnant.

Beans left some of his cool stuff for me: his stuffed squirrel, a Van Gogh print, and his "complete and utter bullshit" stamp.

I went to Bean' house after work to take a few things off his hands. Roy and Jake came along to exercise their manliness. Beans' manliness is the only one that got documented, though.

Seeing Beans leave is very similar to the feelings I had when Myra left. Myra's departure hit me on a more personal level, and while I consider Beans my friend, his leaving will really affect my professional life. From the day I started at my job, Beans took me under his wing. He has always taken care to explain legal things to me, while offering me the gift of his friendship. The best thing about my professional relationship with Beans is that he has always backed me up and been on my side. I have learned so much from him, and I am really grateful to have met him.

The thing I will probably miss most is the fact that Beans lets me talk crap to him and will give it back occasionally. I love it when someone engages in banter with me, and I am really going to miss that, dammit.

I am going to miss Beans' gigantic hair too.

All my work people are dropping like flies, man. It's a definite sign that I need to move on.


WeezerMonkey said...

I think I would heart Beans if I knew him. :)

kim said...

Beans looks like a cool mofo. Sorry he is leaving. That is most drfinitely a sign that you need to move on when the time is right.

amber said...

:( i'm sorry you're losing another pal from the office. i hope this trend ends soon.