Thursday, June 19, 2008

Office Politics

I was pulling out my hair dryer from under my desk this morning when the director of the department (hereinafter referred to as "DD") walked into my office. (Yes, I dry my hair at work. I just can't be bothered to do it at home anymore.) She proceeded to tell me that I am too far away from everyone and that I need to be closer so that they can give me more things to do. She also said that since one of our admins is going to be out for an unknown amount of time, they're going to need me to cover for her.

Fine. That's great. I don't mind helping out at all. But seriously, do I need to move into an entirely new office to do so?

Hell no.

Even so, right after lunch the DD came waltzing into my office to announce that it was time for me to move into my new office. It took me about an hour to move all my stuff, because I had to stop quite a few times to explain to people why I was moving (which resulted in a lot of eye-rolling, I'd like to add).

I'm not sure why I'm now in here, but here I am. This office has one major perk: it's got a window. Experiencing natural light in the middle of the day is a little like what I imagine heaven to be. It's truly wonderful to look out the window and see the trees and the sky and the back of the post office.

The guy who used to sit in this office told me that the view is spectacular during the winter. (I'm guessing that the post office just magically disappears or something.) Actually, my first thought when he told me that was: "If I'm still here in the winter, I'm going to stab my eyes out."

Despite the lovely scenery, having a window does not make up for the fact that the DD's nosy admin is right next door to me. It does not make up for the fact that now my back is to the hallway, which means I can't surf the net much anymore. It does not make up for the fact that people can no longer come see me in my office for something non-work related because said admin might go tell DD. I might have to resort to wearing headphones all day, which I don't really like to do at work because they make me paranoid.

This is hard. Being able to surf the net and talk with people I like are the two things that literally get me through the day. Yes, I probably shouldn't be doing these things at work, but if I were actually kept busy, then I wouldn't rely on them as much as sources of enjoyment.

I really hope that I am actually given more things to work on, because then maybe this move would make sense. (That's a big maybe, though.)

Me, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for another move - right out of this beige hell and into something a little more colorful.


WeezerMonkey said...

Do you have a door? A door is a wonderful thing....

Discombobulated said...

Ugh. Hopefully this beige hell move isnt too bad.

amber said...

ugh. i'm sorry about the move. hopefully the next one will be out of the office altogether. hang in there.

Lydia said...

Wow. You have an actual office. With walls and doors. I have a desk in the middle of the main entry room with an extraordinarily noisy and nosy admin. I'd kill for a door. and walls. work sucks. we need to start a "is THIS what grown up life is?" support group or something!

Erika said...

Awww poor thing.....

Sorry to hear about that.

At least you have a window....thats one good thing right??

tootie said...

Hooray for the window! And boo for the 'no surfing the net' :(