Monday, June 30, 2008

Dear Shutterfly,

Thank you for sending me such good offers via email. Your kindness has afforded me the luxury of making this poster for free:

I really think it sucks that it took me two days to upload the pictures in order to make the poster, though. I also think it sucks that I just put the finishing touches on my free photo book, and now you are acting all temperamental again. Please stop giving me shit so that I can order the book before the deadline is up.

Thanks in advance,


Discombobulated said...

Love it!

amber said...

sorry shutterfly is being a butt :/

cool poster!

Erika said...

I guess SOMEBODY is pissed off......:)

Lesli said...

You know, I once tried to make a free photo book of my cat, Chloe, on Shutterfly...and the website kept acting up...or it had me jumping through hoops...and I got so frustrated I never did finish that photo book of Chloe. It was going to be so cute, too!