Tuesday, December 4, 2007

1 Month Update: 101 in 1001

A month ago, I posted my list of 101 things I want to accomplish in 1001 days. During this past month, I accomplished 6 of them:

48) Finish thank you notes for wedding presents. These were finished and mailed out on November 14. A huge relief!

52) Report our videographer to the BBB. I did this on November 13 and have yet to hear anything back. I basically did this so our videographer will have a bad rating on his record. The back story to that whole issue can be found here.

74) Break my Us Weekly addiction. I threw out my renewal notice for Us Weekly on November 4. As entertaining as this magazine is, deep down I feel like it's a waste of money. Besides, I have plenty more reading material that I need to work through.

76) Shut down my Vonage account. I took care of this on November 5.
Vonage is a pretty awesome company, and I had my account with them starting in 2005. However, we always use our cell phones, so it didn't make much sense for us to continue paying for a phone line we don't use.

97) Make wedding albums as gifts for family members. These were done through My Publisher. I completed them on November 23 and received them in the mail on November 30. They look really good, but My Publisher makes my computer operate very slowly.

98) Close credit card accounts once paid off. I think I originally planned to close each credit card account as I paid it off. Instead, I decided to close down 2 accounts that had small credit lines and that we hadn't used in quite some time. I'll leave the other ones open so it won't look bad on our credit reports.

I also had a failed attempt to do one of the things on my list:

81) Give food (not money) to a homeless person. Last week I was getting off the freeway to go to work, and I saw an elderly man with a sign asking for help just off the freeway. So I went to the nearest fast food place, which was Carl's Jr, and ordered a breakfast burger combo. When I went back to the place I saw him, he wasn't there anymore. I was already late for work, so I just kept the hashbrowns for myself and gave the OJ to Myra and the breakfast burger to Beans. I'll try this again sometime soon.

As long as I keep accomplishing things on my list, I'll do a monthly update. Only 95 things to go!


Lesli said...

I like that you at least attempted to give food to a homeless person. Once one of my old boyfriends, who at the time worked for a bakery, pulled over and gave a homeless guy a pie. I will never forget how sweet I thought he was for doing that. We dated for 4 years & are still friends to this day, probably partly because I discovered how kind he was!!

Kim Photography said...

Great job!

My Christmas tradition is to go to Jack In The Box and buy the old La Verne bum a meal. Much better than giving them cash.

There's a new (younger) bum in town and my dad has become friendly with him through walking the dog. He is 42 years old, has a dog, and pushes around two shopping carts tied together all throughout La Verne and San Dimas. I told my dad that we should get him a comfy pair of tennis shoes this Christmas.

Discombobulated said...

That is so awesome that you are accomplishing tasks on your list!

Anonymous said...

Great job!!!

Anonymous said...

^That was me, Matilda. :P

kat - http://kitkatblog.com said...

Holy cow that's impressive that you've done stuff already. Me, I made my list and haven't looked at it since (though I do believe I've done at least one thing - LOL).

I've always thought about giving food instead of money. Currently, I just give money if I have it. I did give dog food once since the guy had a dog with him and I had a zippie filled with kibble.

Nanette said...