Saturday, December 22, 2007

This calls for a recap!

1) My co-worker and friend Beans got me The Omnivore's Dilemma for Christmas. I thought that was very thoughtful of him.

2) I got an A in the class that I took last quarter. I guess my paper turned out pretty well after all.

3) When I got home from work the other night, I couldn't find Kerwin. I almost tore the entire place apart looking for him. When Roy got home, I was close to being frantic, tears in my eyes and scared out of my mind that he had gotten out somehow. We finally found him under the bed - he and Woogas had apparently torn a big hole in the thin fabric that lines the bottom of the boxspring. He was hiding out inside and was only being held up by the fabric that hadn't torn yet. Crazy cat.

4) I have really been enjoying my time off from school. It's nice not having to think about it for awhile.

5) The department manager now knows that I didn't get the job. She came to talk to me yesterday morning and told me that she wants to put me in a different position because she knows I'm not being utilized as well or as much as I should be. While I'm not sure yet that I totally want the job, it's an attractive prospect that would earn me a pay raise, a possible change in status, and an opportunity to learn a different skill set. I could still keep my proofreading duties if I wanted to as well. However, the position doesn't exist yet and has not been approved yet. I am going to think it over during the time I have off.

6) Speaking of time off, Christmas is almost here! No last minute shopping for me - I am totally done!

7) The other night when I got home from work (the same night I couldn't find Kerwin), there was a small marching band walking down the street playing that "Glory Glory Hallelujah" song. I was completely transfixed for some reason, and then 2 young girls approached me for a donation to help them in their cause. So I gave a donation, and then they asked if they could pray with me. I felt a little wary since I am not at all religious, but I just couldn't say no to these very sweet girls. So I held hands with them and then we hugged afterwards. It was actually a really nice, warming experience.

8) We our our white elephant gift exchange at work on Wednesday. I started out with this, and to my surprise, it actually got stolen from me!

So I opened a new present and got this soap.

At my insistence, another co-worker stole my soap, so I could steal this bottle, which I love.

I was happy.

9) I'm still happy. Life is good.


Discombobulated said...

That book looks really good, I may have to check it out.

Hooray for your A and finding Kerwin! :)

I am happy you are happy.

Lesli said...

My cats did the same thing to our bed. They have a little hideout underneath the bed where they can lie on that thin fabric suspended from the box springs, kind of like a hammock--safe and sound away from my pug. Cats are crafty and crazy and wonderful!

amber said...

how funny about the cat, but it would have scared me too!

yay for an A!

glad to hear you're happy right now. i'm feeling pretty darn cheery myself :)