Saturday, December 22, 2007

Memory Month: Texas Road Trip

Roy and I took a road trip to Texas in September 2005 for my friend Lynn's wedding. We rented a car and paid out the ass for gas because it was right around the time of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. I had just bought our first (and only) point-and-shoot digital camera, so we spent a lot of time taking pictures of random things. I believe this is when we began our extensive use of the self-portrait shot to get pictures of ourselves (not to mention other random things).

The trip took us a couple of days. The first day we drove about 800 miles and ended up in El Paso, where we stayed the night.

The next morning we had breakfast and key lime pie for dessert (as previously mentioned). The next day was spent driving through Texas, and we finally got to our destination, my hometown of Victoria.

We spent more time on the road than we did hanging out in Victoria. Truthfully, that was fine by me, as I'm not the biggest fan of my hometown. There's not a lot to do, and I have a lot of conflicting emotions tied up in it. We did, however, make it to my friend Lynn's wedding. Since she and I grew up together, I saw many people that I knew that I hadn't seen in years. It was pretty cool to see everyone again. The best part? The groom's cake!

Roy's reaction to the cake was pretty priceless. He simply couldn't get over the fact that the cake had camouflage icing and little plastic hunter guys all over it. Me, I thought it seemed pretty normal for Texas, a place where deer season is more anticipated than Christmas.

Aside from that, we hung out with my mom. My mom showed me several bonnets she had found that had either belonged to her mother or her grandmother. We had a great time trying them on.

Roy and I did some modeling as well.

And what's a trip to my mom's house without pictures of the pets? (I'm only including 2 pics, but I could include so much more!)

And just like that, we were off. We stopped in San Antonio to see my uncle Charles and then spent quite a bit of time at Half Price Books, which is one of the coolest bookstore chains ever. We spent so much time there that it threw us off schedule, so we didn't even make it to El Paso that first day driving back. So we had to spend even more time driving the second day, but we still managed to hit up another bookstore in Arizona. (You can tell where our priorities were.)

By the time we hit the California border, we were both a little irritated (due to bad traffic in Phoenix) and we were so relieved to get back home. It was a good test for us, as we'd only been together for about 6 months at the time and were planning on moving in together the next month. Needless to say, we passed that test! And this was our soundtrack for most of the trip (and it ended up being our cake cutting song for our wedding).

Here are some more pics from our very first road trip together: a simple time for us, but scary time for the rest of the world, particularly New Orleans.


amber said...

we still haven't done a real road trip. what a fun thing to do as a couple :)

Discombobulated said...

Those pictures are beautiful.

That groom's cake astounds me.

Kim Photography said...

I love this.

dapotato said...

i love this memory. so sweet.