Monday, December 3, 2007

A Dream of Three Kitties

Last night I dreamt that Roy and I had Kerwin and Woogas with us in some building that was filled with junk. Much to our alarm, we found out that a huge python had taken up residence there, and so most of the dream was spent trying to save our cats from a terrible death. We would put them in a cage, and they would escape. We would get them in the car, and then we would notice that the car had no floor - so again, they would escape. In the end, we were able to save them and get out of there. Towards the end of the dream, Scampers, one of my old family cats who lived with my mom and died just a little over a year ago, appeared, but we were unable to save him. I have no idea why Scampers showed up in this dream, but it was so sad losing him again. I miss my buddy, although Kerwin's disposition reminds me a lot of him.

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Lesli said...

Awww cats. So sweet. You gotta love them. But I wonder what your dream meant? Sometimes I try to figure mine out.