Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rampant Consumerism! Voracious Reading! Free-Flowing Alcohol!: Day Four of Our Anniversary Trip

Roy and I were left to our own devices for most of the fourth day of our trip, as Wade had to work that day. We decided to go to the famed Mall of America. Wade was nice enough to write out explicit instructions for catching the correct bus to get to the mall, since we are (correction: were) bus-tarded.

But before we left, I took this picture of Wade's apartment. I like it. I think it captures the energy of his bachelor pad well.

I expected a lot more from the Mall of America than it turned out to be. Basically it's this massive four-story mall with a theme park in the middle of it. Sure, the theme park was cool, but we weren't prepared to ride any rides. (I had my obnoxiously bulky camera with me, and plus I get awful vertigo.) We decided to walk around, but soon I got bored. Bored! At a four-story mall. Imagine that.

I also decided I really wanted shrimp, so we went to Bubba Gump. I was kind of disappointed in our food, but at least my drink was good.

Overall, there wasn't much for us at the mall. Despite all its bells and whistles, it was still just a mall. I found this hilarious, though, considering the horrific nature of the shoes.

And this was cool.

We caught the bus like a couple of old pros and went back to Wade's place. We settled down to watch Borat, and soon Wade came home from work. That evening he decided to take us (fellow nerds) out to some of Minneapolis' independent bookstores.

I found a half-off copy of this book, which I have been drooling over for years now but could never justify spending $30 on. So I bought it and was happy.

Afterwards, Wade took us to a local dive bar called CC Club, where we had cheese curds (awesome) and copious amounts of alcohol (well, for me, anyway). We sat in a booth for two or three hours and just laughed and talked.

Another Minneapolis night came to an end as we found our way back to Wade's place and fell asleep on the sofa bed.


nannersp said...

My favorite part of the Mall of America was a little place called PB Loco, featuring nothing but various kinds of PB&J sandwiches! Awesome!

WeezerMonkey said...

I think you guys do look a little alike. :)

Wade said...

You forgot to mention that the CC Club is the place where the Replacements and Soul Asylum used to get hammered. Paul Westerberg (of the Replacements) wrote "Here Comes a Regular"--one of their best songs--about it.

Truly a piece of Minneapolis cultural history!

Erika said...

YAY!!! last someone got a pic of the ping pong drink menu!!

Did you get one of the Jenny drinks with the light up glass??

It was soooooo yummy.

OH.....and GREAT bookstore find......I LOVE going to a bookstore I just love the smell of one.

I could stay at one for book find too....:)

Discombobulated said...

The Mall of America always sounded kind of horrifying to me. The Sponge Bob rides in the middle confirm that.

amber said...

i'm sad your food at bubba gump was only okay. we always go there when we're in HI and we love it. granted, the scenery probably helps with that, but still ;)