Friday, July 11, 2008

Jesus Freak

I've had the same cell phone number for close to seven years now, and I always get phone calls for someone named Jesus (Hay-soos, not Geezus). I usually tell them they have the wrong number because I'm nice and neighborly like that.

Today this guy called and asked for Geezus. I cracked up immediately.

Me: "This is Geezus."
Him: "Hi Geezus, this is Eric from Bank of America. I was calling to see if you were interested in our payment protection plan..."
Me: "I'm sorry, this isn't really Geezus. It was a joke. I thought you were joking when you asked for Geezus. You know, because of Jesus Christ?"
Him: "Oh."


Apparently Eric isn't familiar with the Spanish dialect. He also doesn't seem to appreciate interactions with heathens.


A Walk In My Shoes said...

HAHAHA Oh Christ! Wait, not you!

ssinca said...


Discombobulated said...

What an idiot! How funny!

amber said...

i almost spit tea across my monitor. too funny!