Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday, Fun Day


Practically everyone in my office is gone, attending the company's annual conference. This means that it's really quiet here, which can work for or against me. So far I'm reserving judgment, probably because I'm too tired to really have any coherent train of thought.

I've discovered some cool things online, though.

-This week on today is pretty, Sheri is posting blurry/abstract photos she's taken and has invited her readers to play along. This was my contribution for the day:

I took that picture just a few minutes before Mandy and Paul's wedding ceremony began. It's all of the guests, totally blurrified and totally cool.

-I saw this picture today on Vazaar, one of my favorite photo websites, and cracked up.

-lauren {elycerose} is up to her old tricks and producing some awesome new work!

One hour to go, and then I'm out of here!


alejna said...

I love your blur shot. I wouldn't have guessed the subject. What colorful guests!

Erika said...

Dang.....them there photos are mighty craazzaayy.....:)

Katrina said...

that blurry shot is so, so pretty.

Brenda said...

I have to agree those are some very colorful guests and that's so cool. I would have never guessed the picture was of people. I got lost in it and it made me think of shiny round colorful Christmas ornaments. :)