Friday, May 16, 2008

One May Day

I've been meaning to blog about Mandy and Paul's wedding last Saturday, but things have been so incredibly hectic that I haven't had much time to write out the whole story. I still fully intend on doing that (if time allows, which it probably won't), but for now I thought I'd share some photos.

I took all the getting ready photos, and there are some good ones in that bunch. I didn't get to take a lot of photos at the reception (because I was concentrating on getting my drink on) or at the ceremony (because I was in the wedding), but I know Mandy and Paul will have great pictures from their professional photographer.

Let's start with the pictures of me. I had two gigantic zits that day, one of which you can see in this first photo.

But Mandy's hair and makeup gal fixed me up really nicely, as you can see. I really loved my hair. I alternated between loving my makeup and feeling like a tranny. I'm still undecided.

Mandy looked so beautiful!

Posing was necessary.

And then Mandy put on her dress.

And then she went to go meet Paul.

Paul was really happy to see his beautiful bride.

My husband looked so cute that day, as he does everyday.

And Jake (my brother-in-law) cleaned up nicely as well.

And that's all I got.

Full recap hopefully coming soon!


WeezerMonkey said...

I think the makeup looks great -- not tranny at all!

Discombobulated said...

You looked great!

Mandy looked gorgeous, her dress was amazing!

A Walk In My Shoes said...

You looked great as usual. Your makeup came out nice, not tranny.
Mandy looked stunning. I love her dress.

Oh and your pictures are freaking wonderful. You're getting good grasshopper

amber said...

i agree, your makeup looks so pretty. no tranny look there at all!

sherthebear said...

Many look so beautiful!!!! And you look great, I love your make-up.

Anonymous said...

Your hair and makeup are beautiful!!

Mandy looked great! What a beautiful bride!!! :)