Saturday, August 9, 2008

Two Cultured Mofos Go to Church

In a recent trip to the Riverside Metropolitan Museum, Roy and I picked up a book that details the historical landmarks of Riverside. Our plan is to try to visit as many of them as we can before we move away (whenever that may be), in an attempt to get to know the history of our town a little better (and because we are dying without culture here). Last Saturday evening, we walked down to the First Congressional Church of Riverside.

I fully expected to just photograph the outside of the church, but we were quickly approached by the caretaker of the church, who offered to take us inside and show us around. We eagerly agreed.

The chapel area was full of remnnants from a wedding that morning.

I loved this cross hanging above the altar. It contains a whole lot of interesting religious symbology.

Joe (the caretaker) took us into this sitting room and showed us this giant stained glass window of the Virgin Mary. When we walked across the room, her eyes followed us. Totally creepy.

Piano detail.

Then we went into the Sunday school classrooms. I really liked them, as they all featured murals and paintings done by kids. They were so different from the plain and boring classrooms that I sat in for my CCD classes as a youth.

Joe let me take a picture of him.

And then we bade Joe good-bye. On our way home, we were behind this very cute couple for awhile.

I love seeing old people hold hands. It's cute.

Our first outing to make ourselves into more cultured mofos was a greater success than we originally anticipated, thanks to Joe.


Jessica said...

I really do love Riverside. There is some really cool history there. :-)

Erika said...

You know,

DT used to be my "hood" back in the day in my early 20's.

Used to hang out at back to the grind, and Menage used to be my cheers.

I occasionally still go there.

great pictures!

I'm TOTALLY in love with the life arts building, I did my final project in photography in there.

LOADS of history there as it was the old YMCA in the 20s/30s. they still have an indoor pool that i was able to go thru.....although they had all garbage in it. I'm talking about when you used to be able to just walk in there 10 yrs ago. NOW they use it for weddings and such they keep all locked up....but they still have studios in there.

for some reason i have been drawn to that building.

amber said...

those classrooms are very cool.