Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Triple Whammy

Okay, so today I have a triple whammy celebration going on.

1) It's Mandy's birthday! She is 31 years young today. Happy Birthday, Mandy!

2) It's the two year anniversary of our getting engaged! I haven't told our engagement story on my blog yet, so maybe I'll do that one of these days.

3) It's our tenth monthiversary! I won't lie: this month has been challenging for me. This is the first month where I've thought, "Hey, this marriage stuff isn't so easy sometimes." We are good, but there have been times this month that I've felt some tension and distance between us. Roy and I are complete opposites, and we don't know how to handle each other sometimes. However, I think the fact that we are opposites is a big reason why we are such a successful couple. We really do complement each other, and we respect each other's differences. Every marriage has its ups and downs, and frankly, there's no one else I'd rather experience those with than my cute li'l Roylet.

So, yeah. Today is a happy day.


A Walk In My Shoes said...

Happy Berfday Mandy! Today is a great day to be born!
Roylet, that's cute.

inflammatory writ said...

Marriage is hard. It's always going to be hard at times. But you know what? Sometimes its easy, and those are the times you must treasure. :)

sherthebear said...

Mr. Bear and I are total opposites too but we bring balance to each other. Marriage is a challenge but I think most relationships are, we have to work at it and in the end it is wonderful!!

Discombobulated said...

Happy Triple Whammy Day.

This marriage thing is definitely not easy, but I think finding someone who know is worth the work is an amazing thing.

Nanette said...

Happy belated anniversary!