Friday, May 2, 2008

Double Exposure #1

I am so glad it's Friday. Not only do I have two days off from work, I got my new lens, filter, and photography book in the mail today - just in time for weekend exploring!

So I have become obsessed with flickr. I subscribe to I-don't-know-how-many feeds, and I don't know how I lived without it before. It is such an amazing space full of beautiful photos and tons of inspiration. There is so much talent out there; it's amazing to see so much of it in one place. I can only dream of producing such gorgeous photos, but let's face it - I do fantasize about it.

Because I love flickr (and photography) so much, I thought it might be fun to do a recurring post showcasing some different photographs/photographers I've noticed. "Photographic Friday" sounds really cheesy, but I can't think of anything else right now. So, if you have any ideas, let me know.

Now, onto the good stuff!

One of the first flickr people that I started paying attention to is lauren {elycerose}. Her photos are seriously amazing, especially her nature pictures. Love them.

Holy crap. Color me insanely jealous of this woman's talent.

Next up is Metro Blue Photography. I actually know the husband and wife team (Jacob and Tanya) who run this business. My family has known Jacob's family for-flipping-ever. Jacob and my brother (who, by the way, just started his own blog here on Blogger) were even each other's best men at their weddings.

Anyway, I recently reconnected with Jacob and Tanya and found out about their wedding and portrait photography business. They are really talented. Check 'em out:

I really love the above photos.

So anyway, this concludes my gushing for now. Thanks for tuning in!

edited: I decided to call this new feature "Double Exposure." I like puns.


A Walk In My Shoes said...

Photographic Friday does sound cheesy but I enjoy the idea of it. You should try to make it a weekly (or monthly) thing. HINT HINT

Librarian Girl said...

Love the idea of Photographic Friday! I think you should call it Fotografic Friday or Photographic Phriday. Because it's dorky and I am a dork. :)

Robin said...

Hooray for flickr!
Ooh and you will have so much fun with that lens!

Nanette said...

Flickr is awesome!

And yay for new photography stuff! :)

10yearstogether said...

Hooray for amother photography lover! I just got the nikon d40 amd I am havimg boatloads of fum. Thamks for the rec for Flickr, I will check them out. =)

amber said...

such pretty photographs.

and really dear, you're getting quite good yourself!

Tanya said...

We are blushing over here!! Thanks so much for appreciating our work! : )

jake said...

Is that your lens? ... That's a nice lens.

(the above was inspired by a crazy quote I love using from an older movie, starring Eddie Murphy, Dan Akroyd. I've said too much. But you have to guess what movie, and which scene this REAL quote is from: "Is that your purse? ... That's a nice purse.")

That's seriously a nice lens you've got there, sista! Nice bokeh. I love it long time.

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