Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Tomorrow = Big Day

Tomorrow marks a pivotal day in my graduate career for two reasons:

1) I am teaching college seniors for a full class period.

2) I am turning in my thesis proposal to be reviewed by the graduate committee next week.

I am stoked, tired, anxious, elated, and relieved all at once, and I know I will be even more so come tomorrow evening. Despite the fact that I've been working towards completing these two tasks for almost three years now, I didn't think I would ever get here. And now, well, I'm here (almost).

There are still quite a few things to do before the end of this quarter:

1) read two novels for my fairy tales class
2) write my research paper on a fairy tale-related topic
3) finish commenting on student work for my internship
4) lead the class presentations on the last day of class
5) write my paper about my internship experience
6) catch up on my posts on the internship message board

But all those things are small potatoes compared to what's coming tomorrow. I can and will handle them all. I might even do it successfully.


Amy said...

How exciting! Good luck tomorrow!

Discombobulated said...

Good luck! You are going to do great!

tootie said...

Good luck with your big milestones!

sherthebear said...

Good Luck!! Sounds absolutely exciting, you will be great!

Erika said...

good luck and wishes to you!!

YOU will do great!

amber said...

i hope it all goes great today :)

A Walk In My Shoes said...

How'd it go?

Wade said...

Hope all goes well. I'm sure it will. Likewise, you should give me a call . . .