Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Music Meme

I got the idea for this here.

Albums that changed my life
Tori Amos - From the Choirgirl Hotel
Peter Gabriel - Up
Dave Matthews Band - Before These Crowded Streets
Pink Floyd - The Wall

Songs I can listen to on repeat
Travis - "One Night"
Sia - "Breathe Me"
Tori Amos - "Sugar" (live from the To Venus and Back album)
Peter Gabriel - "Signal to Noise"
Dave Matthews Band - "Crush"
and about a billion others....

An album I'd take to a deserted island
I'm cheating on this one. I'd take my iPod.

Music that makes me smile
Anything cheesy like Perrey & Kingsley, NKOTB, Britney Spears, Backstreet Boys, NSync, Lindsay Lohan, etc.

Music that makes me cry
This is a subject for a whole other post.

Music that I wish had been made
If I knew the answer to this question, I'd be a musician, now wouldn't I?

Music that I wish hadn't been made
Most country, although there is some I like.

Music I'm currently into
The Pierces
Tegan & Sara
Manu Chao

Music I've been meaning to explore

People I'm tagging
Everyone. No one. You decide.


Kim said...

Agreed re: DMB. :)

ssinca said...

I just bought the new sia album...but I have yet to listen to it. :/

Nanette said...

Yay for DMB!