Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"April is the cruellest month."

So said T.S. Eliot in his masterpiece of modernity The Waste Land. I personally like April. It's a month where good things happen. In particular, it is National Poetry Month. A few years back, I used to celebrate each year by reading nothing but poetry the entire month of April. This is something that I've slacked off on in recent years.

But I'm ready to celebrate National Poetry Month again! This year I've decided to write a poem a day and post it (along with a photo) on my flickr page. (I can't vouch for the quality of the poetry, however, as I will be posting the first draft.) I am pretty excited about this, as it gives me permission to focus on two things I love dearly: poetry and photography. I have thought about starting another blog devoted to this, but I'm going to see how it works with flickr first.

In addition to making this decision today, I also had my first day back at school. In particular, it was the first day of my internship in the Advanced Poetry Writing class. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was how young the undergrads looked. I think they will be a good group though, and I am excited about working with them and participating in their assignments.

So this post has proved me to be the nerd I truly am, which I am totally okay with, because I am feeling super inspired at the moment. Here's a list of things that have touched/inspired me today:

a lavender rose
a very dirty and emaciated homeless man walking down the street
the music of Tori Amos
a new notebook and set of pens
a trip to the drugstore
a poem about a rock

I hope to finish Part 3 of my HOH saga sometime soon.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad your internship looks like fun!! I hope you really enjoy it! :)

MissSparkle76 said...

AHHH.....have to LOVE T.S. Eliott!!!

and you must ALWAYS embrace your inner nerd....as do I every once and awhile....:)

dapotato said...

i feel that way in my class. overhead recently:

"ohmuhgosh! i am, like, turning 20 this weekend. it's SO weird not to be in my teens anymore."


sounds like april is off to a good start for you. :)

MissSparkle76 said...

DAMN GIRL.....I just saw your flicker page full of engagement pics......those are SOOO awesome!!

You know....you could TOTALLY do that as a side business.....:D

WeezerMonkey said...

April is the cruelest month -- it's my birthmonth!

Multifuncional said...

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Discombobulated said...

how exciting! I can not wait to read all the upcoming poems.

amber said...

yay for inspiration. :)