Sunday, April 13, 2008

Binaries and Juxtapositions

One of the things that I find most fascinating about southern California is its many juxtapositions. I've seen homeless people in Beverly Hills. I've seen people on welfare driving expensive SUVs. I've seen crumbling buildings very close to sprawling shopping centers. Everywhere I look, there are contradictions. I find these binaries extraordinarily interesting. They reveal a lot about the culture of southern California.

I went to explore a small piece of California's history yesterday. In the small community of Loma Linda, there stands an obviously old stone structure - right across the street from a brand new set of tract homes. I'm surprised no one has torn down this building yet; it seems that many Californians willingly agree to the destruction of pieces of their state's history on a regular basis. I've had my eye on this building for years. Yesterday was not the first time I'd explored it. However, yesterday was the first time I had a decent camera at my disposal, so I took lots of pics.

Speaking of juxtapositions, my week was hectic, as usual, and this weekend was calm. I am aiming to have all of my weekends this quarter to be as relaxing as possible. Going to school four nights a week while working full time is hard, so I don't plan much for the weekends. This weekend, I ran the usual errands, did the laundry, read some blogs, edited some photos, hung out with Mandy, watched some TV on DVD, and wrote some poems. I have yet to do any homework, but I'll get to it. I'm trying to enjoy my freedom as much as possible before the madness begins again tomorrow. Also, Roy has not been feeling well today, so I have been taking care of him.

I also have been adding in new links to my sidebar and separating them into categories. I'm not done yet, but what can I say? It's a big chore (but a fun one).

Hope everyone else has had a great weekend.


WeezerMonkey said...

I've never seen that place!

Loma Linda means two things to me: my strict Russian piano teacher and my candystriping days at the medical center.

Discombobulated said...

Great pictures, and your right, there are so many juxtapositions, I think it speaks loudly of the uneven distribution of wealth and the class brackets that capitalism divides society into.

Good luck enjoying the weekends, and surviving the hectic weeks ahead!

Nanette said...

Great photos!

And yay for relaxing weekends!

Erika said...

Your not going to beleive this but, I took pictures of that same place too.

My mom used to live in those apartemts down there and that structure faschniod me too so i went and borrowed my dads professional cam and took LOADS of pictures.

Only problem is, his cam is old school to where it has a 31/2 inch floppy drive and my computer does not have one or any of his.......soooo I took all these cool pics but i can not upload them!!!.........LOL

So, now i have to go back and use my shittastic cannon digi that only has 1.5 megagpixals, i mean its OK at best but.....none the less those other pics are SWEET!!

BTW.....I know how you feel about how america does not appriciate its history.....they just so easily want to forget what made this country so great to begin with.

great job with the pics!!!

Crazy Daisy said...

These are great photos!

amber said...

i seem to be on the complete opposite page regarding my weekends -- each one seems busier than the last. ;) it's all good, fun stuff though.

i like the new link structure. very nice!

Kim said...

These are my favorite photos of yours so far. :)