Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cold remedies, anyone?

I am on day five of the World's Nastiest Cold. It looked like it was getting better, but today I literally feel as if my eyes are on fire, my ribs are broken (since they are bruised from sneezing), and my nose is going to fall off if I blow it one more time. Being as I am limited on what I can take, I could really use some good old-fashioned cold remedies. I need to kick this cold's ass by this weekend, so that Roy and I can actually enjoy our trip up north.

Here's what I'm already doing:

drinking fluids
taking Zicam
douching my nose with saline
using a humidifier at night
using Breathe Right strips at night (I should use these during the day; they are so awesome!)
taking warm baths
trying to take it easy (which isn't really working)

Do any of you have any ideas? I'm open to pretty much anything (within reason) at this point.

In other words, I'm dying. Help me!


inflammatory writ said...

Homemade chicken soup. I swear, it's the only old wives tale that is actually true. It's so easy to make too.

Nanette said...

Sounds like you're doing everything I would have.

Sadly, I have nothing else to suggest. Don't hate me, but I haven't been sick since well before I was pregnant. And because I've typed that out, I will no doubt come down with some horrible illness. Dang it!

Brenda said...

I'm sorry Les. I think any homemade soup will work as long as you add in some chili pepper flakes...anything hot and spicy that will get your sinuses going. That usually helps me. I hope you feel better soon. (Of course I don't know if Charlie will like that much) :)

JennB said...

I have to agree with the anything spicey thing, usually when I get a bad headcold, I eat some canned jalapenos, you know the kind that you usually put on nachos, it usually gets things moving. Eat a bunch of oranges too.

Angie Eats Peace said...

I am sorry, I really have no other suggestions, but I really hope you feel better very soon!

Anonymous said...

You have to eat a meal that is all mixed together. Paul and I think that will really help. If you need suggestions for the meal, we can help out. Preferably a goulash or a stroganoff.

Anonymous said...

I second the chicken soup. Add a squirt of hot sauce and squeeze a lemon in the soup. Sounds weird but it is delicious and clears the sinuses.

Get lots and lots of sleep. Drink a ton of liquids (juice, water, tea). Don't eat or drink any diary. Lemon or orange tea is good, you can even make your own by boiling orange or lemon rinds. Add your own spices (ginger, cinnamon, whatever). I hope you feel better soon!

Anonymous said...

FYI - found a good recipe for homemade ginger lemon tea:


phairhead said...

brady helps but I don't think Bunlet would enjoy that too much