Friday, February 20, 2009

26 weeks

I don't know if the third trimester starts at 26 or 27 weeks, but whatever the case, I am almost there. I am 26 weeks pregnant today.

I don't really have a lot to report this week. But here are a few things:

1) I felt Charlie kick me in the rib area while we were in San Francisco. He's done that before, but only when I was lying down. This time I was sitting upright. It was pretty cool. It means that he's getting big. So big, in fact, that he kicked me so hard this morning while I was driving to work that it scared me a bit (because I wasn't expecting it). Crazy kid!

2) I did my one-hour glucose tolerance test yesterday. Basically you fast for a few hours, come in to the lab, "enjoy" a very sweet drink, and have a blood draw after an hour to see what your blood sugar level is like. If you don't pass, you do a three-hour glucose tolerance test. If you do pass, you are officially in the clear - no gestational diabetes.

And I passed. Hooray!

3) More and more strangers are commenting on my pregnancy. I saw a woman in a parking lot yesterday who gleefully said hi to me and then said happily, "You're pregnant!" It made me smile.

4) A security person at the airport asked me if I was having a boy because I'm carrying really low (according to her). It's fascinating to me how some people can just tell.

5) I've been buying things. Again. I got some nursing bras, some diapers (cloth, of course), and our convertible car seat. (I might have also gotten another diaper bag, but I will neither confirm nor deny that right now.) I got pretty good deals on everything. I have yet to pay full price on stuff for this kid. (Yes, there's still plenty of stuff left on our registries.)

6) I'm feeling a lot more pressure and general weirdness in my nether regions. I think the fact that I'm carrying low has much to do with that.

7) Charlie stole my brain. It's gone. I left the freezer open when I left the house this morning. I have emailed several people the wrong documents. I forget to pay bills. It's sad, really.

And that's pretty much all I've got for this week. I have some babymoon recapping to do, which I meant to start on a few days ago. But things have been crazy. I'll hopefully have something up by the end of the weekend.


Angie Eats Peace said...

I am really glad you passed the glucose test, and that you are feeling Charlie so much more.

amber said...

yay for passing the glucose test!

yay for buying your own nursing bras! (i cannot tell you how awkward it was for a slew of them to show up on one of my husband's cousin's baby registry. just. plain. awkward.)

(maybe not so) yay for having pregnancy brain. ;)