Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Beautiful Bridal Shower for a Beautiful Bride

I attended my friend Jessica's bridal shower today and had a really great time. Jessica asked me beforehand to take pictures, so I brought all my gear and spent most of the time snapping away. (I did stop to eat and to hold an adorable baby boy, though.)

You may recall Jessica from her engagement pictures. Her wedding is in April, and while she hired an awesome photographer, I'm going to be taking her getting ready pictures. I'll be at her wedding as a guest, but I'll still be taking lots of pictures. I'm very excited - I love weddings!

At any rate, here are some of my favorite pictures from Jessica's bridal shower today. Note: I didn't really include guest photos on here just because I always feel a little weird about sharing pictures of people without their knowing it.

The color scheme was green, white, and black (just like the upcoming wedding):

Loved Jessica's shoes:

Loved that people got their gifts wrapped in the wedding colors:

Jessica and her grandmother (who is so cute):

Stretching (or something):

Opening gifts:

This might be my favorite photo so far. It's very imperfect but it's still a lovely moment:

Jessica and Josh, the bride and groom. Stunning, aren't they?

Thanks for inviting me to your shower, Jessica! Can't wait for the wedding!


phairhead said...

wow you have a great subject to shoot. she's gorgeous. gotta say my fave was the sandel shot : )

Angie Eats Peace said...

Those are some really great pictures! I love the wrapping paper!

amber said...

she is going to make a beautiful bride!

i love it when guests wrap their presents in the wedding colors. mostly, because i always do that! :)