Friday, June 29, 2007

15 Days: Busy Bride

I missed blogging yesterday because I decided to be Drunk Bride after work. I definitely don't regret it - I had a great time with some friends of mine. Well worth the small headache I had this morning. It was nice checking out of Wedding Land for awhile and just being a regular person again.

This upcoming weekend promises to be very busy. I only have two weekends left to get this thing done before the big day. Two weeks from now, it will be the eve of my wedding. I have no idea how I will be feeling. Hopefully calm and relaxed.

I am getting new glasses for the wedding. I want some non-obstrusive frames as well as glare-resistant lenses. I picked out my new frames today:

It's not the greatest or most flattering picture of me, but I took it myself with my cell phone camera. I was hoping that this would be the time that I would graduate to women's frames, but no such luck. I had to buy kid's frames yet again. Oh well, at least they're Garfield frames. :)

So much to say! I had my hair trial, which turned out well. She tried my hair both up and then half up/half down. I'm going to go for a half up/half down style but not necessarily the same way she styled it. Here are some highlights:

You'll have to excuse my friend Barnaby (the pimple); he decided to come visit for a few days at just the right time. I told him he has to stay away until after the wedding.

Good night!


Kim Photography said...

I *love* that first picture. Yo have really beautiful hair.

Kim Photography said...

Haha! Yo=You

Anonymous said...

I like both styles. I want to see the all up one from the front. But I think the half up/down one is more you anyway. Your gonna look beautiful darling

Discombobulated said...

your hot stuff. the end.