Monday, December 15, 2008


Stick a fork in me! I'm done with my final paper for the quarter, which means I'm done with the quarter. Finally.

As I mentioned, last week was hard. (I've heard that the full moon made things crazy for Geminis.) I had to ask my professor for an extension on my final paper, which was due on Wednesday. He granted me an extension until Thursday. Then I had to ask for an incomplete. As he doesn't like to give incompletes, he gave me an extension until this morning.

Good enough. This may ruin my GPA that I've worked so hard to maintain, but good enough. At this point, I am not picky. In fact, I am so not picky that the paper I turned in didn't meet the page requirement at all. I am normally a much better student, but I also don't usually have a human being growing in me. One thing pregnancy has made me realize is that I'm not Superwoman. Not anywhere close.

So I spent the weekend sleeping and writing and reading and spending time with family and friends, trying not to dwell on the challenges ahead. Because even though the paper's done, there's still a mess of things to deal with.

I'd like 2009 to be simpler, please.

We had our gift exchange with Roy's family last night. Paul drew my name and got me this:

It's a toy camera kit that uses medium-format film and takes awesomely imperfect pictures. I'm extremely excited to add this to my arsenal. I've been wanting this for close to a year now.

Paul also got me two of these, except in classy, shiny silver:

They are perfect for the food-phobic.

(Thank you, Paul.)

We also celebrated Paul's birthday last night. We had yummy chocolate cake, and I loved the candles.

Happy birthday, Paul! And happy winter break to me.


Angie Eats Peace said...

I hope you get some rest over your break! Enjoy yourself.

WeezerMonkey said...

Holga! Holga!

Brenda said...

Happy Birthday Paul! Those candles are super cool and you got some awesome gifts Les. Enjoy the break, I know you desperately need some rest :)

phairhead said...

and now a well deserved break : ) yesterday i bought sexybeast ice cream cake for his birthday. no fn candles though

amber said...

i'm glad you're done with classes and that you're finally onto winter break :) you must be beyond thrilled!