Saturday, February 23, 2008

Small Wonders

Today, happiness has come in many forms.

-Rain! I have always loved all things connected to rain.

-New makeup! As Ugly Week has begun to stretch into Ugly Month, I've needed some more help in this department. Today I got some new foundation, concealer, perfume, face wash, and brushes, courtesy of my friend Nan who sells Mary Kay products. I have used Mary Kay products in the past and have found that they work well for me. I can always return anything that doesn't work out for me.

-Downsizing! Because of the new makeup, I went through all my old makeup and nail polish and threw away a ton of stuff. As I did, I thought about how much money I'd wasted on products I hardly used. In the future, I will try not to become obsessed with collecting things I don't use.

-My new flickr account! I decided to open a flickr account after all, but will continue posting photos here as well. You can subscribe to my photos if you want to, just as you would a regular blog.

-Clark's! It had been a long time since I'd been in Clark's, but Roy and I went there tonight and were awestruck at all the products. We will definitely become more regular shoppers.

-Strange coincidences! My mom called and woke me up from a dream that focused heavily on her and our relationship.

-Fuzzy kitties! When I woke up from said dream, I realized that both Kerwin and Woogas were all snuggled against me, sleeping. So cute!

-Homework avoidance! This really is not something to be excited about, but it's making the list anyway.

-Meditation! I've decided to try to add meditation to my daily routine to help reduce stress in my life. I've become aware that I am entirely too stressed out, and it is showing up in a number of areas. I have attempted meditation before with little success. I plan on trying it at the end of my yoga routine, because then I will already be very relaxed.


Discombobulated said...

yahoo for Clark's discovery!

How did the meditation work out? I can never seem to get completely into it.

tootie said...

I can relate to the homework avoidance! I've found that reading blogs (and writing posts) are a great way to procrastinate :)

I skipped out on yoga last week, but I'm hoping to get back into it. Let us know how the meditation goes.

Crazy Daisy said...

I love yoga, but find it hard to "take the time" for it.

I also love the rain. It is calming, and possibly a great time for yoga :)

Nanette said...

Flickr is awesome! I just added you as a friend! Oh, and it makes it really easy to put pics in your posts.

inflammatory writ said...

Dude, forget ugly week. In my world, its been ugly MONTH. It looks like I fell outta the ugly tree and hit every ugly branch on the way down. LOL.

amber said...

new makeup makes everything better :)

Librarian Girl said...

That's funny- I am so excited today about NO RAIN! (I live in Seattle so no rain is a very big deal!)