Thursday, February 28, 2008

Behold! The Ultimate Warp Zone!

So, I bet you've all been wondering where I've been.

Well, I've been busy. Ever seen the cartoon Captain N: The Game Master? Well, I wish I could say that I've been just watching that, but unfortunately, I've had to do more adult things, like show up at work, pretend to work, hate my job, go to school, be burned out, suffer from insomnia, and so on and so forth. Incredibly boring, if you ask me.

Which is why I love Captain N so dang much! It's got just the right amount of 1989 cheese to keep me highly entertained. Plus, Kevin, the main character, gets to do what we all secretly desire. He gets to escape from reality by getting sucked into his TV to Videoland where he impresses the scantily clad Princess Lana with his really impressive feats, like his ability to push the pause button. What a stud.

If anyone cares, here's part of the pilot episode. It's Emmy material, for sure.

Anyway, when I was a kid, my friend Lynn and I used to climb in the shower in the upstairs bathroom in my house (it was a really big shower) and warp to another dimension. If we got bored with our current surroundings, we hopped in the shower, and in an instant, we were in a totally new place.

I guess what I'm trying to say is this: I really wish that warp zones existed. Sometimes being an adult is no fun.


Discombobulated said...

A wrap zone would be awesome!

I used to wish I could step into the mirror, like Alice in the Looking Glass.

Kim said...

Dude. Where was that shower at today's 9-hour meeting? I would have hopped in and transported myself right outside the door of the The Lodge at Torrey Pines, 100 yards to the beach.

A Walk In My Shoes said...

I remember that show!
There are days when I just want to crawl under my desk and warped to another place...and I like my job! I'm sorry you're burnt out. You need an ice cream.