Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life's too short.

It would take awhile to explain how I ended up reading this blog, and how I came to be "acquainted" with this brave man (Bryce) and his family is irrelevant compared to the grim reality that he is fighting for his life against metastatic melanoma. I check Bryce's blog every day to keep myself updated on his illness, and I am continually amazed by the fighting spirit of both him and his wife Tammy. There are some truly amazing people to be found in this world.

I don't understand why people have chosen the comment feature of Bryce's blog to argue against Tammy and Bryce's decision to continue to fight the melanoma that is taking over Bryce's body. Furthermore, I don't understand why people use Bryce's illness to debate religious beliefs. Who cares if they are Mormon, Christian, Agnostic, or Buddhist? Why does it matter? There is a man who is fighting for his life. And there are many paths up the same mountain. Why do we continue to divide ourselves in a time when we should unite to show our support? I have never understood people's desire to point fingers or to claim their own religion as "the one true religion."

We all die, and if that is how Bryce's blog ends, then we should allow him to die with dignity. In the meantime, we should offer hope and support instead of judgment. I, for one, am wishing Bryce the best health possible and all the happiness this world has to offer.


Discombobulated said...

Best wishes to him.

People, self-righteous people, specifically, never cease to amaze me with the lengths they go to, to prove they hold the truth.
Seriously, what are they fighting so hard against, the fact that they might be wrong? Calm down and channel that energy more productively. Geez.

WeezerMonkey said...

Oh, now I read this and understand! Please disregard other comment. Thanks.