Thursday, July 12, 2007

2 Days: Almost a Bride

Today was incredible. It didn't start out that way. I got up early and immediately started working on various wedding related things. Then I left and ran quite a few errands, including picking up my new set of glasses! They look fabulous and definitely will be much more photo-friendly (less glare). Roy and I had lunch with his mother and then went back to work, trying to complete everything before rehearsal. Everything was very hectic, as we were trying to coordinate the schedules of nine different people.

But we made it up to the site, and all our stuff for the wedding made it as well. We went over the details with Tarin, our coordinator, and then ran through the ceremony. My brother Wade is officiating the ceremony, and I just know he's going to do an awesome job. I know this because I was crying tonight during the practice ceremony and especially during our practice vows. Yes, we said our vows, and truly, the whole world disappeared. After all the hustle and bustle, it all fell away, and all I could see was the face of the man that I am going to marry in less than 2 days. The intense emotion I felt was incredible. It was so incredible that I already know that the wedding is totally worth it. If we would have had our rings and signed the marriage license, Roy and I would have been officially married tonight.

We then went to Roy's mom's (Patty) house, and she and her partner Cherie had set up an incredible spread for our rehearsal dinner. A few weeks ago, we told Patty that we just weren't going to be able to pay to have the rehearsal dinner in a restaurant like we originally planned and asked her if she could think of any cheap alternatives. So, she decided to take on the entire project. She got the neighborhood involved too - several of our friends and neighbors cooked different dishes and then dropped them off. Their kindness and generosity amazes me. It was an amazing candlelit dinner on their back patio.

We also gave out all the presents we painstakingly selected for each member of our bridal party (and even some non-bridal party members). To all brides everywhere, I highly recommend getting each member of your bridal party something selected especially for each member, not all the same thing. The looks on everyone's faces and their reactions were priceless. Hugs all around, even from Roy's brother Jake, who, up until this point, has had a hard time making eye contact with me. I really love giving gifts, so this was a really high point of the night. Of course, there weren't any low points.

What can I say? I'm just so happy. And I am so ready to get married to Roy. The latter part of the day totally put everything in perspective for me. Wow, what an incredible journey this has been.

Here are some photos:

Wade (my brother) and me

My mom, me, and my soon-to-be niece, Gwen. She has called me Aunt Leslie for a long time though.

Me and Patty (Roy's mom). I look evil in this pic. I think it's the eyebrow.

Paul (usher) and Mandy (woman of honor)

The table set-up. It was very intimate and personal.

I love the random psycho faces that Roy makes. And people think he's shy!

Look, I can make psycho faces too! And you can actually see my eyes!

Wade with his Angelina Jolie lips. All he has to do is adopt about 10 kids from third world countries and then he can steal her identity.

The bride and groom. We were drinking Dr. Pepper out of champagne flutes that both said "bride" on them. They were from when Patty and Cherie went to San Francisco to get married. I love how my soon-to-be husband's masculinity isn't threatened by drinking out of a "bride" champagne glass. :)

My mom and I at rehearsal. My uncle's in the background. Nice bouquet, eh?

Mandy, my almost seester. Hey, she stole my bouquet.

Jake, my almost brother, who did not steal my bouquet.

At rehearsal.

All of us at the end of rehearsal. What a fabulous bouquet I'm carrying.


Discombobulated said...

whoa Leslie, i was totally getting teary eyed, im so happy that your day is here! it's so awesome that you had am intimate and special rehearsal dinner, they did a great job, and you deserve it.
yay! it's here!!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I may actually cry at your wedding. What a beautiful rehersal! The dinner looked great! Yay! I am so excited for you!