Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Why did the Californian cross the street, right in the middle of it, instead of using the crosswalk?

Because he's a dumbass, that's why.

Seriously. I went out for lunch and almost ran over 3 people in the 5 minute drive from my work. These were people who decided they had to cross the busiest street at noon without using the crosswalk. Or people who didn't see any traffic coming and then meandered across without a care in the world.

Many people in California are stupid and lazy. Let's hope these people don't have children. I say that this particular stupidity gene should end with our generation.

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Tangerine said...

Seriously, and you know who pisses me off more? The people who stop and let these a-holes cross. Sorry, big car move now. Little, breakable human find crosswalk and wait for light.